• Costs for Portrait Drawing in Charcoal or Pencil on paper in Realistic Classic Style (no background design):

Size A4 S$75 one head for normal portrait in pencil / graphite, $90 for charcoal

Size A3 S$180-480+ one head, depends on details and photos, charcoal / pencil

    • Cost for Portraits in Colored Pencil / Pastel / Marker in Realistic Classic Style:

Size A4 one head S$280-580+

Size A3 one head S$580-1680+

    • Cost for Portraits in Oils on Canvas in Realistic Classic Style:

Size 14"x18" one head S$1260+

Size 24"x30" one head S$2660+

Size 3x4 feet one head S$5500+

    • Cost for caricature cartoon manga style on paper:

Size A5 $40 one head for pencil / marker, $70 for colored without design theme

Size A4 $60 one head for pencil / marker, $120 for colored without design theme

    • The costs above are only for guideline, and it does not including background design, PC mock up of different photos combining, photo editing, photos / video recording of the progress, or frame of the artwork. Please text me for quotation. Art is not maths. Please kindly note that I’m not a professional photographer.
    • Finial costs will be based on the photos and requirement of details which is from normal detailed to fine detailed, and up to hyper detailed. And the result will be subject to photos quality and the size of artwork. General rule is this: the smaller size of the artwork the less resemblance it bears to the subject. And art is not maths, again.
    • Payment made via POSB / UOB ATM / PayLah / PayNow / local online fund transfer is preferred in Singapore.
    • Please text me for postage. Ready made wooden frame with self assembling is S$25 each while stock is available.
    • Payment via PayPal will be additional PayPal fee, 10% of the portrait cost as PayPal charges. My PayPal:
    • Live Sketch in events or road show is available by appointment.
A5 210 mm x 149 mm / 8.3 inch x 5.9 inchA4 297 mm x 210 mm / 11.7 inch x 8.3 inchA3 420 mm x 297 mm / 16.5 inch x 11.7 inchA2 594 mm x 420 mm / 23.4 inch x 16.5 inchA1 840 mm x 594 mm / 33.1 inch x 23.4 inch
Size for oils on canvas is different from standard paper A size.