About me

I am always fascinated by our human faces, as everyone's face is unique, and that is why it takes many hard years for me to master the skill of doing portraits in realistic style professionally.
I have been focusing on live portrait sketches and drawings painstakingly for a long time. Now my hand can express most information which is through my eyes and processed by my brain. With such rich live sketch experiences, now I can easily transform the copy drawings from photos to live portrait sketch drawings which are more vivid and impressive.
A drawing or painting by hand will be one of most memorable surprising gifts! It is my privilege to make such an unforgettable gift for your beloved ones and even yourself! As graduated in architecture, I do perspective drawings and paintings of artist impressions too.
Instagram: portraitebayYoutube: PortraiteBay Whatsapp: Ms Serra 65 96977906 Email: artist_serra@portraitebay.comReg: 53417531KPayment: PayNow / payLah to 96977906Paypal to artist_serra@yahoo.com.sg
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