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Everyone's face is unique, and it takes so many hard years for an artist to be a professional realistic portrait artist. Most artworks last a few decades if not hundreds years when carefully kept. Make it a treasure, and it only takes 3 simple steps to make a great unforgettable surprising gift for your family and friends! I guarantee that all my artworks are original and hand drawn / painted.
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Here is the 3 simple steps

1. Whatsapp or email me your favourite photos. 2. Upon confirmation, payment mode: • POSB/DBS or UOB • PayLah! • PayNowPayPal • Start to work on paper/canvas after payment is cleared. 3. Pick up at SGP (460418), or postage. Please no MRT meet up.
Instagram: portraitebayYoutube: PortraiteBayWhatsapp: Ms Serra 65 96977906 Email: artist_serra@portraitebay.comReg: 53417531KPayment: PayNow / payLah to 96977906Paypal to artist_serra@yahoo.com.sg
Frequently Asked Question
Q: What material you use for all your art works?A: I always use high quality professional art materials found local or overseas. For black and white portrait, I work most with charcoal and pencils which is the most flexible and expressive. For the coloured portrait, I use all kinds of mediums, like colored pencil, watercolour, pastel, oils and acrylic.
Q: How much does one portrait drawing/painting cost? And how long does it take?A: The cost of portrait drawing/painting depends on the complexity of the original photo/work and the size and details of the artwork, more details more cost. Costs here are for reference as a guideline. For A4 one head in charcoal normal portrait drawing, 1 to 3 days after payment cleared. Please email or text me if you have any questions. I reserve the right to revise all the costs here without prior notice.
Q: Will my portrait sketch be an accurate copy of the original photo? A: I am an artist and human being, not a printer, thus I could not create an exact copy. Each artist is accomplished in a particular style, and every individual person's interpretation of the subject or photos is unique. My goal is to ensure that you are happy with my artwork, and accept my personal interpretation of any subject.
Q: Can I return the artwork if I am not satisfied with it? A: Upon requested, I will text a photo of the completed artwork. Photos or videos of progress of artwork is not included in the cost. Please kindly note that the preview of the artwork in an electronic devices is different from the original artwork, and the result of the artwork is subject to photos quality and size of the artwork. Would you be able to zoom in or out when viewing physical artworks? Or would you look at the physical artworks at 1-2 inch away? Anyway, if the likeness of artwork is FAR AWAY from the photo, you may reject it and receive a full refund. Art is a matter of viewing, and an artwork is a record of how an artist viewing and interpreting the world on paper. If you always think photo is much closer to life, then this hand made artwork is not your choice. And again please kindly note that I am a human being not a printer.
Q: What about the photos I email you? Will you keep them or publish it? Will you publish the artwork? A: I may publish the artworks in my website, blog and Instagram. By engaging me to do artworks for you, you are agreeing to these terms that you have given permission and I may use the artworks within my web or online portfolio for reference. If you don't consent, please email or text me. I will really appreciate your consent of my publishing the artworks as part of my artworks record. And this is also the reason why there are not many samples at my website, If you need to see more samples, please contact me.


My hand made artworks of the images which are often derived from the public domain where a given image is believed to be predeclared with regard to copyright or be out of copyright, either because of expiration of the original copyright or because the material has been explicitly released into the public domain by its creator(s). If you find any possible infringement of copyright in my artworks, please notify me immediately, though I always do my best to understand the terms of and comply with the licenses listed in the public domain. And I always do my best to ensure that the information in my listing is accurate, and I assume no liability for mistakes and misprints.
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